What exactly is Home Infusion Therapy?

Infusion Therapy is simply the administration of medication through a needle or catheter. Most of the time, the drug is administered intravenously (though sometimes drugs are provided through epidural or other, non-oral routes). Doctors prescribe Infusion Therapy when oral medications will prove ineffective due to the severity of the patient's condition. Home Infusion Therapy is, simply, Infusion Therapy performed at the home.

What is the purpose of a Home Infusion Pharmacy?

Infusion Pharmacies, like Vital Care of Little Rock, fill a variety of roles. Primarily, these pharmacies prepare your medication in a sterile environment, called clean rooms, and dispense all necessary supplies needed for administration of your medication. Additionally, they are responsible for disposing of medical waste and providing professional nursing and pharmacy consultation on the use of the infusion medication.

How will I receive my IV medications and supplies?

Vital Care of Little Rock employs delivery specialists who ensure the timely delivery of your medications and supplies. These delivery specialists will hand-deliver your medicine, and if you are unavailable at the set time of delivery, we can arrange to have it delivered early, dropped off with another authorized individual, or picked up at our pharmacy.

Do I need to call every time I need my IV medications?

No! As a patient, you will be added to our weekly calendar and delivery schedule. Based on the type of therapy you are receiving and the orders from your doctor, we will ensure that you receive the proper dosage in time for the necessary treatments. Additionally, we will send you all of the necessary supplies along with your medicine. However, if you need extra supplies or are curious when you are schedule for your next delivery, please contact us at any time!​

Will I have to give the therapy to myself?

While most patients do choose to give themselves the therapy, usually a nurse from a local home health agency will come to your house and teach you or a family member how to safely and properly administer the medications. Though most patients easily learn how to do this themselves, nurses are always available if you need further assistance.

What do I do when my treatment has been completed?

Please contact us when your physician informs you that your treatment is complete, and we will follow up with the physician. In some cases, doctors will discontinue patients' therapy but leave the IV access in place in case the patient needs therapy again in the future. If this happens, your IV access still needs to be flushed and redressed; we will provide you with the necessary supplies of this maintenance. Once your therapy is complete and your IV access has been removed, we will pick up remaining equipment and supplies as well as collect any sharp containers or medical waste related to your therapy.

Do let us know if any of the following occur:

  • You have to waste a dose of medication due to leakage, contamination of the sterile port, or any other reason.
  • Your doctor informs you he is changing your medication, strength or frequency.
  • Your doctor tells you that your therapy is complete.
  • Your IV access is removed or replaced, or a different access is inserted.
  • You are being admitted to the hospital.
  • You will be out of any of your supplies before your next scheduled delivery.
  • You are not using all of the supplies we send.

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